RORA Commentary on Tridel Development

RORA’s Executive is aware of the proposed multi-residential development to be built by Tridel, on Ladies’ Golf Club lands, facing Bayview Avenue.  RORA’s Executive is concerned about changes to our neighbourhood that could have a significant negative impact on RORA residents and the community in which we live, including development that adversely affects the flow of traffic, diminishes our greenspace and parklands, or has a detrimental impact on wildlife and the environment.  Our association will continue to monitor developments and engage with the City to advocate for matters of interest to our community.  We will work to minimize the negative impacts of development activities in our community.

RORA’s Executive supports the proposal submitted to the City of Markham in the Fall of 2018 by a neighbourhood resident requesting that the City work with the Developer (Tridel), to create a link between the north and south sections of the existing trail network (Royal Orchard Park running south from Royal Orchard and east behind the houses abutting the golf course, and Pomona Mills Park).  Currently the east boundaries of these trails are “blocked” by the Ladies Golf Club lands.  Concurrent with the sale of this eastern parcel of land, RORA’s Executive considers this as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the City of Markham to create a legacy trail system that will benefit residents both within and beyond our boundaries, for generations to come.  Connecting the existing trail systems will allow unhindered recreational public access to City parkland for approximately a 5 km span.  This initiative will enhance Markham’s valuable greenspace, and satisfy Section 37 requirements.

If you are a resident of the Royal Orchard neighbourhood and have concerns about the new development feel free to connect with us ( or communicate your concerns to Councillor Irish (, or the City of Markham Planning Department (

RORA’s Executive is comprised of volunteers who care about the community, and commit time to advocating on behalf of concerned residents.  Join RORA today, because Community Matters!


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